Thank you for expressing interest in what we're up to here at S+S. There's a growing community of us traveling light, with less and the understanding of what that brings to your life on the road is refreshing. We wholeheartedly believe it's the right thing to do and we're inspired by it. 
Build Deposit and Serial number allocation 
Our dream vans arrive to us completely 'nude' in the back. Our guys will want to crack on with fitting as soon as it pulls up outside the Atelier which we do in one full day. Something we're incredibly proud of and an industry first. To do that though, the vans must be clean on the inside (and ideally the outside too as we'd adore to use the van for a few photos- if it's cool with you). For the above to work smoothly, it needs to be ready for us to work on so we ask you to (politely) hand over the keys and shove off! (but seriously, after a quick coffee).

No custom bits or surprising curve balls here either please. Heaters, added lights, dream catchers, rouge lining kits and oddities are absolutely no bueno. If we're met with unexpected surprises on build day, when we open the doors we're gonna be grouchy. 
While we're not sure about hairy walls and ceilings, in any application If you've got carpet on the inside of the van or feel the urge to do that, that's ok, we've allowed a few MM clearance for it although our bed will be attached a slightly different way. Identical theory, different mounting style. 

We're based over on the East Coast an hour due East of London, our address is below. It's nice out here. 

The Old Joinery, 
Maldon Road,

This online portal will take care of a deposit from you. It'll also generate the individual build serial number for your build and give our team the heads up that you're ready to book a date. Before that though, we need to see some photos (six low res shots of the back at least (where we'll be working) and a few outside to make sure it's not too off piste and wild for us, elitist huh!

We need you here on fitting day, 9.00 sharp! Hopefully with a bike in the back... customers traditionally head off for the day to explore the very pleasant countryside that we're nestled in here. While you're enjoying that, we then get to work. On your return and after a walk through of your new conversion, we settle your remaining debts (usually around 16.30) and thereafter you can drive off into the sunset for the next chapter of van-life in your new contemporary moving space. 

Anything else please get in touch and we'll happily talk you through it. If not we look forward to meeting you, seeing your wagon and getting to it.