Ride height adjustment (LOWERING).

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H&R Lowering Springs fitted. 

We chose to with with H&R in this department because as far as we're concerned, they are the industry leader in high performance, quality suspension components. Be it on the street or on the track.

H&R has become synonymous with consistent, proven suspension performance and quality.

We're of the mindset that these vans are so good as standard we do all we can to do as little as possible while retaining all the OEM parts we can. That ethos runs into how we adjust the ride height too. 

We're firm believers in utilising the original shock itself. If we're after a 'slightly more purposeful stance' we change out the spring for the H&R 50mm. 

We're fairly well versed in the adjustment of ride height on the vans over the years and as far as we're concerned these really do offer the best in regard to comfort, the right amount of height drop while still retaining the practicality a van should always  have. 

The 50mm H&R lowering springs will fit all T5’s right through to the current T6 models, panels vans along with Caravelles and Shuttles. 

This springs work with all variants, T26, T28, T30 and T32.


Feel free to go ahead and calibrate your calendar with ours. Build slots are allocated by yourselves and are on a first come first serve basis. It is up to you to lock it in, if it's empty, it is yours to reserve. 

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