Multirail Install

Multirail Install

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We make two different rails, both identical, the only difference being the length. The are supplied in two sizes, 2600mm or 2980mm long (2690mm or 3070mm with end caps fitted) and are perfect for all S+S awnings whether you purchase long or short along.
These can be fitted to LWB, SWB, LHD and RHD drive vans as the end caps are identical yet 'handed.' The "C" section of the rail measures 9.5mm but the jaws of the C section measure 5mm.

This means that the rail accepts awnings with a bolt rope or Kador strip size of anything from about 5.5mm to 9.5 mm. 


1 x SWB/ LWB Multirail
Awning Rail, End Caps, 14 Zinc Plated Screws, Stitches + Steel Decal

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