Volkswagen Caddy

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Bed Without Drop Down Bed
Side Panels Without Side Panels + Insulation

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A light van is a good van. It’s a very different experience to driving a fully laden one. With saving weight high on the agenda, we set about sourcing materials more often associated with open ocean yacht racing, disciplines where strength, weight saving,  longevity and smart storage were paramount. 

It was a similar story for the hardware. We've worked closely within the sailing industry referring to 'marine grade' often. The pulleys, blocks and the components that comprise of the suspended carbon fibre bed has a DNA embedded in the sail loft. 

We measured, mapped and digitised the spaces to create an elaborate network of shapes that make up the interior floor. The outcome is a seamless modular unit, which follows the exact form of the van and fits together effortlessly. The conversion is designed to use the original bolt threads and natural shapes in the chassis to prevent permanent alterations to the van requiring zero invasive surgery.

The Carbon Fibre and Dacron double bunk drop by un-cleating a single line. This contemporary solution allows the bed to be stored in the roof in a matter of seconds, keeping bedding stowed discreetly while turning the van back into a practical working vehicle.

Upon paying your build deposit you'll be contacted by one of the team within 48hours where we'll dot the I's and cross the T's with all the final details.


Option: False Floor

  • 33 Piece, CNC cut false floor, Black, Birch Hexa.
  • 2 x Draw Units (1 Side, 1 Rear)

Option: Drop Down Bed  + Mattress

3k pre preg 100% carbon fibre frame with Dacron cloth make up the physical bunk, the vast array of blocks, pulleys, Dyneema rope and rigging allow it to be 'un cleated' and lowered onto the floor of the van, or the 'deck' of the false floor. 

Option: Side Panels + Insulation

Self Adhesive Insulation with our Interior lining panels over the top affixed using the factory holes make the most of the space while adding brightness.

All hardware and panels are fitted using the standard factory fittings and mounting points, meaning no drilling or permanent alterations are required.





False Floor Only

False Floor With Side Panels + Insulation
False Floor With Drop Down Bunk £2300.00
Full Conversion (False Floor, Drop Down Bunk and Side Panels + Insulation) £2950.00



Your new Stitches + Steel conversion is cut and handmade to order. On checking out  one of the team will be in touch to schedule and reserve your build slot and check through the requirements for your new conversion.  

We aim to cut and fit your order within 4 weeks where possible. During busy periods, in the run up to Christmas, whilst we have offers running, or after a product launch, please allow up to 6 weeks for your build slot.  

Give us an email if you have specific delivery requirements or would like a more detailed outline of our current dispatch times. 

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